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Cultural and technology changes have fueled the renovation of existing spaces in retail stores as well as offices. The rapid pace of technological change combined with shifting consumer expectations is changing the look and functionality of today’s retail store. Innovation, energy saving opportunities, and technological advancements all contribute to a re-imagined commercial build-out and retail renovation.

Wireless technology allows customers to pay for merchandise anywhere in the store. The central cash register has given way to a sales associate ringing up your purchase while you are looking at it with the receipt sent via email. Even the use of credit cards is giving way to paying with a smartphone mobile app.

To facilitate the enhancement of the buying "experience" stores will build to keep merchandise uncluttered and accessible. Placement and quality of lighting will additionally influence a consumer buying experience.

New technology has long been a big factor in offices, but office space build out has changed dramatically by the changes in how people collaborate. Cubicles have given way to large open spaces that allow for more sharing and team interaction.

Mulheron Construction specializes in commercial build-out construction and retail renovation. We are equipped to handle your entire project whether it is a remodel or a commercial build-out in an existing space.

Our experience as a commercial building contractor enables us to take on your large commercial project, or your small commercial remodel with the same level of confidence and attention.

Communication is key at Mulheron Construction, and our approach ensures that your completed commercial build-out or retail renovation will meet all your needs and do it within a reasonable budget and on time. The careful planning we provide in the early stages of a build-out construction project keeps change orders and other unexpected costs to a minimum.

Led by Fort Lauderdale licensed building contractor Scott Mulheron, our company is dedicated to giving each client personal attention and to operating with integrity and honesty. Scott has been in construction for most of his life with his building contractor’s license for over ten years.

Mulheron Construction is small enough to give you one-on-one attention and large enough to handle any commercial build-out construction project.

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